Emmett Community Playhouse

Welcome! Thanks for stopping by and learning about us, we hope we will be able to learn about you when you audition for our future productions!Founded in 1997 by Adam Harris, Al Schneider, and Ann Serrano, the ECP is a non-profit 501(c)3 organization that operates with the following purposes:

  • To provide live theater opportunities for the residents of Gem County

  • To provide experiences in acting, directing and other theater arts for individuals of all ages.

  • To produce the best plays available for the entertainment of the community.

  • To contribute to community theatrical education programs.

Emmett Community Playhouse

Board of Directors

Debbie Lawrence - President
Payton Mitchell - Vice President
Pam Walker - Treasurer
Connie Lunsford
Amy O'Leary
Stephanie Kelly
Carolyn Rice
Sarah Ridinger
Daniel Foster

Emmett Community Playhouse
Emmett Community Playhouse
Emmett Community Playhouse

Contact Us

emmettcommunityplayhouse@gmail.comEmmett Community Playhouse
P.O. Box 883
Emmett, ID 83617
Facebook group: Emmett Community Playhouse

Emmett Community Playhouse
Emmett Community Playhouse

Membership Information

Emmett Community Playhouse memberships are $10 per household. Your membership entitles you to further information on the playhouse, including newsletters and announcements regarding upcoming events and productions. Thanks for supporting live community theater in Gem County with your membership fees!

Membership Application:

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